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The Beginning of Our Story

The Conception

Many of us would be inclined to think of conceiving as a goal that we’d get to, somewhere down the road. However, while it is considered a fact of life, natural conception is not simply a sum of time, and neither is it all about chance.


Having had a bumpy fertility journey herself, Ira Lim understands how between its cost and the success which attempts yield, natural conception might not seem viable an option to many.


In the five years before her efforts bore fruit, Ira had consulted two fertility specialists and a TCM practitioner, and experienced two miscarriages. Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) seemed to potentially be her only other recourse.


Making a last-ditch attempt at natural conception, Ira went abroad to search for possible alternatives. The discovery of affordable fertility treatments that draw on being in tune with one’s body led to a breakthrough in Ira’s fertility journey. This has thus inspired the inception of Ferticare, a brand that is as personal as it is emblematic of a community larger than itself. 


Committed to easing one’s fertility journey, Ferticare distributes and registers medical devices used by not only individuals, but also healthcare facilities.

Our Mission

We strive to, through allowing for affordable fertility treatment, aid individuals in conceiving naturally.

Our Vision

We set out to render fertility treatment accessible for people across the globe.

We seek to provide individuals assistance in conceiving naturally.

Our Purpose


Director and Product Specialist

Trisna Lim

A project lead who draws on the potential synergy of multidisciplinary teams, Trisna is able to drive product development and ensure regulatory compliance.


Not only does she have about a decade of experience at Response Biomedical Corp., where she was a lead, as well as a software quality assurance and an analytical development associate, but she also keeps pace with the newest developments and industry standards including the Health Level Seven Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (HL7 FHIR).


From overseeing change control and risk management, to ensuring that a design control system is in place, Trisna is able to lend her expertise to the registration of medical devices.

Managing Partner

Ira Lim


Formerly a manager at Accenture’s operating group, Ira possesses over 8 years of experience in system implementation, functional and technical design, and project management.


In addition to having worked on large-scale projects including the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) for the Ministry of Health, Ira has also conducted research and designed the architectural blueprint for healthcare groups and more than 10 business licensing agencies in Singapore. Ira is thus able to tap on her experience, to assist businesses with the registration of medical devices.

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Controls and Support

Ng Eng Guan

With almost half a decade serving as a technical architect at Accenture Technology Solutions, and about another decade as a senior manager at Resorts World Sentosa, Eng Guan is able to leverage his specialisation in system implementation, technical architectural design, as well as the management of operations and services, in underpinning Ferticare’s infrastructure.

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